• Rent is to be paid by the 1st of each month
    - A security deposit equal to 1 month rent is due upon lease signing
    If we receive no payment by the 7th of the month a lock will be put onto the unit. Once payment is received the lock will be removed within 48 business hours.
  • Only the lessee will have access and control of their unit. Lessee has 24 hour access to their unit.
  • No dangerous, flammable or explosive items allowed in the unit or around the premises.
  • Lessee will keep the unit in good sanitary condition. Lessee will let the office know of any maintenance issues or repairs needed to be done to the unit.
  • The owner is not responsbile for any loss, stolen, or damaged items or for injuries.
  • If any automobile, truck, boat, ATV or any other item that has a motor in it are stored the lessee should put a drip pan under any possible sources of a leak. Lessee needs to also disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Blocks need to secure the wheels of any automobile or trailer.
  • No garage sales are permitted unless written permission from Simple Storage.
  • Lessee can't sublease the unit.